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Hi-Fi Walker 2, Initial Firmware 1.5; questions about installation, and...


... a slew of other things!

Don't worry, I'll itemise.  ;)
List below is in ~tildes~, though I'd appreciate you reading the context -
Since I've found generally people skip it, ask about something I already explained, and then get angry when I point that out.

First thing's first; I've used Rockbox in the past (rip, sansa clip... too good for this world...), and -
Haven't been the hugest fan. Not because it's bad, but because my focus is on easy-install, easy-access.
I think that's true of most users, honestly.
I just want a device that plays music; not one that has cool toys, plugins, complicated tech options. (And to end-users, any complexity is too much!)
None of those appeal to me in the slightest.  :)
But, unfortunately, modern digital audio players are mostly pretty bad; everyone wants devices that do everything, always, permanently...
And poorly.

Since I have no interest in having a smartphone or using one as an audioplayer, that leaves the modern crop.
The Hi-Fi Walker 2 is actually pretty decent, especially for the cost.
Problem; it randomly refuses to play a TONE of files, I think due to sampling rate...
Except that other similar sampling-rate files play fine! I've been unable to isolate why!

My thought was, Rockbox has probably got a greater coverage for low-sampling tracks.
I'll give it an install, see how it handles.

Here's what's up:


* There's no instruction on how to boot into Rockbox/start the bootloader. I've tried every combination of holding buttons at random, checked the manual, the AIGOEros section etc.
* Both options using the install utility are 'H2', but the AIGOEros section says that there are firmware incompatabilities and to use a specific install, which - doesn't seem to be present.
* Furthermore, mountpoints randomly fail to detect. I thought it was a drive issue at first, but it only affects rockbox. Unimportant, but I'd love to know why this might be.
* Will rockbox - on the HWalker 2 - play more files? Or am I wasting my time here?

There are tonnes of other questions I have; for example, what is happenin' over in the patchset folder?
Is it normal to label files as being gigs of data?
Easily solved with a quick format, but I've never seen that behaviour before!

Anyway, those are my questions. If any of you have mucked about with the Hi-Fi Walker 2, Firmware One-Dot-Five, I'd appreciate any and all help.
If not, what're you listening to, uh?
I've got like fifty remixes of 'A Beautiful Song,' that're just dying to go in a proper playlist.
Think of them, set them free..!


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