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iPod Classic have slow start/skip for FLAC songs with high sample rates


I just started using Rockbox in my 5th gen 30GB iPod with a library of FLAC files. I've noticed that the files with high sample rates (like more than 96Khz) take a long time to start playing or skipping... sometimes taking more than 15 seconds to start.

I've recently installed an mSata adapter from AliExpress with a 256GB SSD and thought it would solve the issue since the SSD is faster than the HDD but same happens. With lower-bitrate songs (like 44.1, 48khz) the playback is almost instant as it should.

With the mSata adapter, I've built the latest commit (e5ecff3db7) with the mSata patch found here: The error already existed before with the 3.15 version using the original HDD.

While everything works, this slowdown is very bothersome and I wonder if there is any setting to mitigate this. Since it's a fresh install, the settings are clean.

Thanks for any help!

As an aside, if any Rockbox dev could chime-in... is it possible to add that mSata patch to main Rockbox as more and more people will upgrade their ipods with these SSD kits?


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