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5th gen iPod - files get "mangled"


This is... mostly weird, and I don't know how to describe it. I recently purchased a 5th generation iPod (30GB, upgraded to 128GB with an iFlash board) and I've found out that Rockbox seems to like to "mangle" my media files.

File hashes don't seem to line up, the tracks don't play properly and seem to "jump around", the works. The actual OS runs fine, but media seems to corrupt if it's copied in Rockbox vs the stock OS. What might be happening to cause this?

Presumably the well-known, long-standing issues with writing to the disk with RockBox if you have a flash mod?
I had the impression the problems were less severe with 5th gens than 6th gens, but maybe it still happens?

You don't say what version of RB you are using.  I gather things have improved considerably with more recent versions - if you aren't using the most recent dev version, update to that.  Otherwise just always sync in original firmware mode, that avoids most of the problems.

Also, see this thread,52560.0.html


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