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HIFI Walker H2 , Surfans F20 , Sansa Clip or bluetooth remote for the phone?


I'm using MP3-players for listening to audiobooks during training or in bed. So far I my rockboxed Sansa Clip Plus worked perfectly. Unfortunately the batteries are exhausted, and I had to find a replacement.

I bought a Surfans F20 and installed Rockbox. That worked fine. I then stumbled over a 30% off-offer for the Hifi Walker H2 and I ordered this one too.

Surfans F20 or Hifi Walker H2- Which one is better?
Technically, there is no big difference.
- Rockbox is installed in exactly the same way (but with another pre-patched image obviously)
- The size is about the same
- The Hifi Walker is heavier
- The Hifi Walker has round edges, a hole to fasten a lanyard, and it comes with a little velvet pouch
- The Surfans F20 has sharp edges and comes with a printed  manual.
- The wheel on my Hifi Walker is easier to operate.

The Hifi Walker ended up on my nightstand, mainly because it's smoother and more comfortable to hold while lying in bed. They both are to big and too heavy to use them for training.

How do they compare to the Sansa Clip Plus?
- The Clip Plus is much lighter, and perfect for training
- You can reach all buttons with the thumb or index finger while holding the player. On the Surfans F20/ Hifi Walker you have to change the grip operate the volume and the jump-buttons.
- The Clip Plus starts immediately. The hosted version loads the original firmware (about 7 second), and then Rockbox (with a timeout of 10 seconds, that obviously can't be changed).   
- The Surfans F20/ Hifi Walker has a way better sound quality than my Clip Plus- this is clearly noticable even with audiobooks. And this is the reason why I replaced the Clip Plus already now, and didn't wait for the battery to die.

A big thank you to the developers of Rockbox! I hope, Rockbox will live forever, with new ports to current hardware. But what if there would be no Rockbox anymore?

Bluetooth remote control button for the phone
What I want is a device that I can operate blindly, has bookmarks per audio-book and allows me to jump in a track. I got this on my phone by combining an audiobook-app that allows jumping i tracks with a bluetooth remote control button for the phone. This worked out of the box, and I actually use it while travelling.

Hey there I also just purchased the hifi walker h2 and I'm in love with it. I had a clip zip for years with rockbox on it and I've always had some small little cheap mp3 player. I had a few ipods but they always end up having some issues and quit working, at least in my experience. The H2 is my first serious MP3 player in a long time, my only problem is I cannot find any sort of carrying case for it. I am currently using a bulky little zip up case for my GBA Micro. It actually is a pretty perfect fit and room for the headphones as well. I am more looking for something like a silicone sleeve or something that will snugly keep it safe but give me access to all the buttons. Something I don't have to unzip or anything, because after I take it out it is prone to falls and whatever else is bouncing around in my pocket with it. Have you found anything that works well? The closest thing I have found is a picture of this on Amazon, but it's not the product that's actually available for purchase. Any info would be great, I would even pay someone to make a custom case as I absolutely love this thing with rockbox. Link to the leather case picture:

Just make one!


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