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--- Quote from: xlent on July 15, 2023, 03:19:12 PM ---It looks like the commit changes the shortcut type from browse to file.

--- End quote ---

Indeed. I forgot it simply changes the default action type. Just checked how it works for me - it shows a list of bookmarks (Select Bookmark dialog) right from Shortcuts.  Did you mean something else by "running" it?

I was hoping it would open the file that the first bookmark entry points to.

Since it doesn't seem possible start the audio file directly, I have changed the shortcut to this as the next best thing:

type: browse
data: /Rehearsal/
name: Rehearsal
icon: -1

It opens the folder then another click starts the audio file. But the shortcut display looks like this:

Rehearsal/ (/Rehearsal/)

Why doesn't the shortcut screen look like this?


>It opens the folder then another click starts the audio file.

And what's the difference with bookmark shortcut? First click opens bookmarks list next click starts playing it.

It doesn't save on the number of button presses. I was just wondering if the different display for file type (Rehearsal) vs. browse type (Rehearsal/ (/Rehearsal/)) was by design.


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