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Ipod classic 7th gen working


I don't know if this is right forum thread but,ok i installed it by accident I thought my ipod was the 6th gen classic oops. it installs basicly the same. select mount. select 6th gen classic (it winll not auto detect) select install after dfu mode it tries to copy .rockbox and fails. you go to and get latest nightly for the 6th gen classic copy to root eject ipod it should reboot into rockbox. everything works EXCEPT charging

The 7th gen ipod doesn't exist in a rockbox sense, its still just the ipod6g, and is already known to work.

If you are having charging issues, do they occur in the OFW as well?

This is on the 7th gen something not supported it still installs on it it was not meant to but it does. My ipod is a 1tb ipod classic 7th gen running rockbox 3.15 I installed it thinking I had a 6th gen and wondered why I had to do it that way. The 7th gen runs rockbox as long as done the way told. Just a guess cause I don’t know much but it appears much of the hardware is the same except for the way it charges. As long as when .rockbox fails to install and you copy the nightly from the site before unplugging it will work. Simple stepts. And don’t format when it asks to

You actually have a 6g, and you should probably update your build as your disk will not work well with 3.15.

You also shouldn't need to manually copy the .rockbox folder, but if something goes wrong during the bootloader install or reboot it's possible you might need to.


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