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Sansa e250 not detecting my 32GB SD card.

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So, I recently installed Rockbox on my Sansa e250 and it's been great so far. I really want to listen to audiobooks right now but I simply can't because the e250 has only ~1.5gb and I only have a 1 gig SD card. So, I went out and bought 32gb SDHC Card only to realize it isn't detected at all even though I formatted it with FAT32. Somebody please help as it would be great to have a 32gb music player right now. Thanks in advance. :D

Sdhc cards are already formatted as far32 so you don't have to do anything to use one. If it's not working it may be broken.

But I have tested the card in many devices like my laptop, my pc and even my phone and I can both read and write to it without any issue. Any ideas?

please help


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Post useful details so people actually can help.

(For starters, the partition table would be helpful. Other systems accepting it doesn't really help to understand what's going wrong ...)


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