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High battery drain in Rockbox

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Yes rockbox fully shuts down to zero power draw. If you're getting discharge, either it's not really off or you have some other problem that's discharging the battery.

Is this an SD card mod or an SSD?

512GB MicroSD in an iFlash Quad. Is there a setting to make Rockbox shutdown on idle? I've tried modifying relevant-sounding settings, but it seems to stay on, never shutting down, and idle indefinitely (well, until the battery dies).

Putting it to charge now. Battery is at absolute zero, 2818mV, charging...

Update: Charged from roughly 7pm until 9am (14h) to get to 3581mV, at which point it would finally boot. Battery displays as 0%, still, so I need to leave it a while longer.

Update 2: Still charging, 38h, battery voltage reported as just over 4000mV, Rockbox says it's around 52% charged.

Update 3: "Fully charged", 97%. Not sure how long it's been, maybe 48h to fully charge? Seems a bit excessive; seemed to charge faster when booted into Rockbox. 4130mV. battery icon is alternating between normal battery and crossed-through lightning ("not charging"?) icon. It keeps randomly booting even when shut down.

Will leave it until fully charged.


I have a few iPods that think they are always connected to power, even when they are not.  With those iPods, Rockbox won't shutdown automatically or manually because it thinks it's being powered.  Even when I go into the iPod's Diagnostic Mode and choose 'sleep forever' it still immediately powers back on into either Rockbox or the Apple firmware depending on the position of the Hold switch.  This happens with every battery I put into it and so is clearly a hardware issue.  What are you seeing for a charging indicator when your iPod is not connected to power?  If it indicates that it's either charging or fully charged and connected to power then I'd say you have a hardware problem.

Re auto shutdown:  Settings->General Settings->Startup/Shutdown->Idle Poweroff.  But, again, if your iPod thinks that it's connected to power, whether or not it actually is, it will not shutdown.  As well, it isn't idle if it is in progress playing a track list.

I hope this helps.


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