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ipod classic 5.5 How would i add music to it using Rockbox


do i use itunes after i load rockbox on it or do i use rockbox to add music to it?  No i have not downloaded and installed it yet, just looking ahead to see if I should use it or not.
Also does rockbox allow me to use a 256 gb ssd card to then have more songs on the ipod than apple will allow me? 


Usually you would not use iTunes since it scrambles file names on transfer. Lots of people install SSDs, although not all of them are compatible with rockbox so do some research before buying one.

so you guys do not recommend using rockbox with iflash solo and a ssd card? if I just use the 30 drive that is in it now, I assume I will have more songs on it via rockbox than with itunes corrrect?  Or am I wasting my time looking for an ipod classic?

I use iFlash Solos and Quads in a variety of 5th - 7th Gen iPods, all very happily running relatively recent dev builds of Rockbox.  I also have a 4th Gen iPod Color Display with an iFlash-ATA1 and a 2nd Gen iPod mini with an iFlash SD-CF, and they also run Rockbox beautifully.  The vast majority of my SD and microSD cards are Samsung Pro Plus, either 128GB or 256GB, but I also have a very few other Samsungs and one or two SanDisks and PNYs which also run well.  But based on what I've read on the iFlash website, I generally steer clear of putting SanDisks in my iPods.

I also strongly encourage you to install the latest dev build rather than the now 3.5+ year old official stable release (v3.15) - the newer dev builds do an excellent job managing the flash storage.


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