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Sansa Fuze (and perhaps others) - How to avoid wearing out internal flash?

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I understand that these devices are prone to have their internal flash stop functioning, at which point, it won't take any more writes.  This happened to my Sansa Clip+.  This makes sense due to the way flash memory works, the fact that these devices are so old now, and considering that flash memory technology was not as advanced back then.

I have a Sansa Fuze that I want to make sure this doesn't happen to, so I want to avoid any and all writes to the internal flash once it is set up how I want it.

Firstly, I know that it's possible to boot Rockbox from the microSD card once there's a new enough version of the Rockbox bootloader installed on the internal flash.  I also know how to set the recording directory so that recordings go directly to the microSD card.  So my remaining question is this:

Is there anything else that Rockbox will write to internal flash memory if it is booted from the microSD card?

If you use the multi boot bootloader and redirect to run Rockbox from the sd card, there is nothing writing to the flash anymore.

I would install the multi boot bootloader as soon as possible while the flash is still writeable.

That's good news. However, I did discover one case where it still writes to the internal flash: FM preset. At least by default, and I haven't tried overriding the path to go to the SD card. Are you maybe talking about the daily dev build? I'm using the 3.15 official release.

What about settings in general? Where do they get saved when booting from the SD card?

For the record, Rockbox still writes its config and other stuff to the internal flash, at least in the latest stable release v3.15.  I have modified my fork of Rockbox to redirect everything to the microSD card.

If you run a multiboot capable player it does all its config writes to whatever drive its actually booting the firmware from (you can change it in some cases though)

now if you run a build (on the SD card) from the file browser while booted to internal it would still write to the internal drive or conversely
say you booted from the sd card then browsed for a firmware on the internal drive and ran it it will likely write its data to the sd card /rockbox


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