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Recommended inexpensive hardware for audio capture?


As I posted here way back in 2012...

...I still continue to use Sandisk Clip devices loaded with RockBox to capture audio. They clip onto people's collars, aren't TOO big, and have decent battery life. The native firmware was MUCH worse for recording audio, and frankly I only get by thanks to Rockbox.

Have been looking around for inexpensive alternatives and still not found decent alternative.

In 2018 bought some blue-coloured Ammoon Y9P3 (which seemed to have vanished into the memory hole, no evidence of them every having existed) which do NOT run Rockbox and have issues such as over-modulation. They don't appear to be supported by Rockbox. I bought them off eBay but they came from China.

Can anyone recommend the cheapest, smallest, audio recorder that can load Rockbox? At one point that was Sandisk, and I was lucky to get ~20 bulk.

Today Sandisk Clip are about $40 and not available in bulk.

I'm hoping to spend $5 - $10 each, and get like 30 ?

Given my repeated bad-bad-bad experience with EVERY cheap audio recorder running native firmware, I'm basically looking for the cheapest, smallest MODERN HARDWARE that can run Rockbox. Something that I can still order today, off eBay or Amazon or Alibaba or wherever.

Can't believe I'm still using these Sandisk Clips, but any new cheap hardware I ever bought does stuff like only-record when people are talking, or can't handle even slightly loud audio. I need to leave these running on people's collars for hours, get the full audio, and sync in a video editor. So stopping-and-starting and over-modulation are basically the 2 things I can't work around.

I am also would like to hear about such devices.
Looking for something with mic jack and rockbox for wav recordings.
Some voice recorders available on the market uses some mp3 or other codecs, but not wav. It would be nice to have it for my hobby with pocket PC recordings.


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