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Rockboy buttons issue creative zen


i've been playing around with rockboy lately on the creative zen (mines the 8gb version if thats important) but i've noticed it doesn't accept multiple button inputs at once, as in i will hold what i configured the D-pad for and press A or B and it will interrupt the D-pad and stop even though im still holding the button (makes  about anything other than pinball or pokemon impossible to play) i have no idea why this happens. i don't know if its a rockboy bug in general or just this device specifically but if anyone has any insights or solutions to this i would love to hear :)

Looking at the button driver it looks like the hardware can only read one button at a time due to shared input pin.

oh thats unfortunate... is there a way to work around this with an external USB controller or something like that?

I emulated some multi-button presses for the xduoo3

not having the hardware in hand I can't say but maybe a similar idea would work

possibly, idk if there is a software workaround though the power down button is definitely of either higher priority or a different pin though from what i can tell. still wouldn't be much help being that we would need 2 extra buttons for rockboy to be compatible and we might even need 6 extra if gameboy accepts multiple D-pad inputs at once im not really sure about that

my biggest question now is just whether or not the creative zen has OTG support, kinda seems unlikely


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