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Short vs. Long Down press (recent change in behavior)


Before 2023-05-24, a short Down press in WPS executed a configurable Hotkey, and a long Down press opened the Playlist.

The "Hotkey" could  (and still can) be configured to not do anything at all.
I found this very convenient, that by Short Down pressing I could simply activate the display (i.e. to have a look at the time, etc) and reset the Sleep Timer, without any other effect (i.e. the player stayed on the WPS).

Now since 2023-05-25, with commit the Short Down and Long Down functions were swapped.
I am very much used to the old behavior and find it very distracting and inconvenient that now a Long Down press is required to simply activate the display and/or reset the Sleep Timer.

Of course, I understand, everybody has different expectations and use cases. "Each to his own" :-)

Any chance this at least could be made a configurable setting, which of the two (Short vs. Long Down press) executes the Hotkey and which one opens the Playlist, please?

Original mapping was broken and long press didn't work properly (it triggered short press action too).

You can easily swap actions using keyremap plugin. I attached file to use (Hotkey on Short Down press and Playlist on Long Down press)
Open Plugins -> Applications -> keyremap
Select Import Text Keymap -> select attached SwapWpsDownActions.txt
Select Set Core Remap

Great, works like a charm.
Thanks a lot!


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