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Playing music to recent car with ipod classic/rockbox

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I have a new car, skoda karoq 2023. It has only usbc ports and bluetooth.

I tried a mini-jack to bluetooth converted, but impossible to connect to the car. Looks like it takes only phones.
usbc ports accept flashdrives but don't see the iphone. I tried usb hid to yes or no and various options of USB keypad option.

Is there a solution to this is is this the end of rockbox device on car ?


One option would be to try an FM transmitter.

Have you checked the BT adaptor is set to transmitter mode?


--- Quote from: gomezz on May 30, 2023, 05:39:58 PM ---Have you checked the BT adaptor is set to transmitter mode?

--- End quote ---

Of course, it works with a BT headphone. It's just that cars now are phone oriented, and obviously simple BT transmitters do not provide all the handshake the car is waiting for.

It's possible it sees the Apple vid and assumes it'll do digital out instead of MSC. You could change the vid so it thinks it's a USB thumb drive, although that largely defeats the purpose of using rockbox.


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