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Is it possible that the clickweel is working better in Apples FW



i am not that expirienced with the ipod, i dont have anotherone of that generation for a direct comparison and i must say after i searcht the much to complex submenues, found out that there are optiones mentioned in the pdf guide that do not exist and vice versa, i found the option to make the clickweel  click again which makes it much easyer. but there are situations where the focus moves eventho i dont want it. So i am askng: is it possible that the clickweel works better with apples implementation or is it just do to my ipod is old or the hw is damaged.

For example, is it like other digitizers a 2d input that is translated to an 1D input or is it a 1d imput in hw and it is impossible to detect if my finger is circeing in the ,iddle or at the edge of it arund. Particular when i not take my finger far enough away while moving it after circling to the middle confirm button i often select another option then i want cause that movement that is detected as one up or down and i have just a slight feeling, maybe wrong, that i didnt had this so much often with the original firmware.

i would apprichiate your expirience on it and if it is infact a 2D digitizer or there is some other way i would apprichite if someone could look into the code if it is improvable...

thanks a lot in advance and keep up the good work

For reference:
i am using Rockbox 3.15 on an Model A1136 HW rev: 0x000b0005

To test if it's RB or the hardware, could you not just boot up in original firmware mode and see how it is then?


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