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Using more advanced AV compression



i just installed rockbox on my old ipod (big one with 60GB HDD but is able ot play videos even with original fw). I am very satisfied that i dont have to use itunes now anymore and can just copy over any file and play it afterwards with ease. But i would appreciate to use more advanced compressed media namely music in opus audio and video in mpeg4 format. I know rockbox can handle the former in gerneral but it is not able to play most of my opus files, ill try to attache two of them for reference. And the only videos i got to play are quite large mpg files, so is there a way to play more advanced compressed files?

i would appropriate any help for both issues, otherwise keep up the good work.


i was unable to attatch this files hier, so i uploaded it somewhere else:

INFINITY - Epic Futuristic Music Mix _ Atmospheric Sci-Fi Music.opus (27,53 MB)
example of one of many files that dont want to play

Psycho-Pass All Ost`s-DtSWpsPsiLg.opus (41,1 MB)
somehow the only file that is playing

PS: second try, somehow last time this crazy board created a new thread for no reason

For reference:
i am using Rockbox 3.15 on an Model A1136 HW rev: 0x000b0005


--- Quote from: TimHH on May 29, 2023, 10:45:44 PM ---INFINITY - Epic Futuristic Music Mix _ Atmospheric Sci-Fi Music.opus (27,53 MB)

--- End quote ---

Despite the reported filename ending in ".opus" the actual file downloaded has a .webm extension -- in other words, it's an Opus file wrapped in a WEBM container.  If this were truly a bare opus file (ie using the opus-defined OGG container) it would play okay.

WEBM is an offshoot of MKV, both of which are primarily used with video files.  Having an audio-only data stream in one is legal, but atypical.  Regardless, rockbox doesn't support either of those container formats.

--- Quote from: TimHH on May 29, 2023, 10:45:44 PM ---Psycho-Pass All Ost`s-DtSWpsPsiLg.opus (41,1 MB)

--- End quote ---

This file downloads with an '.ogx' extension, and is a standard OGG container with Opus audio data in it.  It's no surprise that rockbox plays this properly.


--- Quote from: TimHH on May 29, 2023, 10:19:00 PM ---[... ] video in mpeg4 format.

--- End quote ---

None of our targets have the CPU power necessary to decode "advanced" (*) video codecs.  Only one target (ie the so-called "ipod video") has a hardware decoder for _certain_ video formats.  I thought it was a gimmick when first released and it's even more pointless now, given the tiny screen and the ability of even the crappiest smartphone to play real video with ease.

(*) ie anything more advanced than mpeg-1, already pre-scaled to the screen resolution.  Which is ... IMO quite pointless.


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