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Playing and browsing from the file browser has become sluggish on Clip+

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I also noticed that on my Xduoo X3ii navigation was very sluggish. It was one of the reasons I switched to a hifiwalker H2 but now it's affected by the crashing.

How did you find builds dating back to that time? Until these issues are fixed I'd like to do the same for my devices if possible.

I'm compiling the source code from a specific git commit, 00c7817c9c326368c2cd89f1e786584283935c9c from 2023-01-12 ("[BugFix] playlist.c DIRCACHE stop scanning when changing indices"), the last bug free one without the massive performance problems introduced by the playlist fixes.

I don't mean to sound ungrateful or unappreciative for all the hard work the devs devoted to the Rockbox project, however all the recent playlist changes should be scrapped and the old code reverted back. The old playlist code was working fine, the new one has severe performance issues even on modern devices without any tangible advantage for the users.

Please, devs, don't ruin Rockbox for all of us!


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