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WPS Peak Meters on iPod 4th Gen (ClickWheel)


Today I installed Rockbox (the current dev build) on an iPod 4th Gen (ClickWheel) and I love it.  Being used to using Rockbox on 5/6/7 Gen Classic iPods, I was surprised to see peak meters in the WPS and after a little while I decided to switch them off but I couldn't find anything in Settings to accomplish that.  So I checked the latest online manual for that model iPod and read in section 13.5.6. Peak Meter, "To save battery runtime you should switch this feature off (see section 4.3.2 (page 34))."  But when I went to section 4.3.2 I didn't find any mention of how switch it off.  I also searched the manual for all references to "peak meter" but still didn't find a way to switch them off.  Is the feature switchable via Settings or only by re-theming the WPS?  Thanks.


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