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Ipod Classic (80GB) auto-restart when unpluged from PC (and made factory reset)


Hi, I'm new on this but I'm doing my best. I´ve just buy an iPod Classic (80GB) Model A1238, with broken HDD. At this moment I replace it with an iFlash board with a microSD Card 128GB Sandisk (everything compatible and working). I follow guide and re-install iPod's firmware. When I see iPod's booting de firmware and all the menus i was crying jajaja but suddenly I see something suspicious, the DiskSpace is 118GB on use and 0 kB free  :o. I unplugged the ipod and it boot again with iPod firmware not saving my config (brigthness, language, etc) Thinking about it, I think the problem is where I installed thath firmware. I also try using the Rockbox utility in Mac OS, in a Virtual Machine with W7, and finnally in a PC with W10 32 bits worked and install everything. But not working as expected. I need help please. :-[


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