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Is there any way to configure specific filename exclusions in Disk Tidy?

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I'm hoping to find a way to configure the Disk Tidy plugin so that it will delete all ._* files except not the file highlighted in the attached image and not the file immediately above it (named ._VolumeIcon.icns).  I read the wiki, searched the forum, and also searched the internet but didn't find anything.  I suspect there is no way to config this kind of exclusion, but I thought I would ask here in case there is a way.  Thanks.

Turns out I really only need to exclude (preserve) just that one file that is highlighted in the attached image, and so before I run Disk Tidy I can minimally alter that file's name just enough so that Disk Tidy will leave it alone.  Then I can restore the proper filename after Disk Tidy completes its cleaning.  But if there is a way that I can specify that one ._* file to be excluded from the cleaning operation, that would be so much faster and easier than having to edit the filename.  Using the virtual keyboard makes "hunt and peck" on a real keyboard seem like a supersonic operation...


--- Quote ---Custom configuration

Add any custom folders or files to the bottom of the disktidy_custom.config file in the following format:

< Title >: no
file.ext: no
sub/folder/: no
file2.ext: no
--- End quote ---

so I think
--- Code: ---/._*:no
--- End code ---
should work for you

Thanks very much for your reply and suggestion, but all of the ._ files in the root directory are still getting deleted.  In the Files to Clean screen I first click <NONE> to get rid of all of the green triangles.  Then under <MAC OSX> I click ._* to give it a green triangle.  Then at the bottom under <Other> I leave /._* turned off (no green triangle).  Does that all conform with what you were suggesting/thinking?

I should add that I have gotten quite comfortable and even a bit adept at jockeying around on the virtual keyboard, so my workaround of keeping a renamed copy of the one ._ file that I don't want to get deleted is fast and easy.  I keep the renamed copy in an adjacent directory, and when necessary I copy and paste a new copy back into the root directory and then just delete the single camo character from the front end of the filename, and I've got my ._ file back in place.  So there's no need to spend any more time on trying to help me get Disk Tidy to do what I want.  But, of course, I am still curious to know...


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