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First-time Rockbox user. 6th Gen iPod Classic install fail - restore loop


Downloaded Rockbox Utility (version 1.5.1 - and yes I have the issue where it says "a new version of Rockbox is available" despite this being the latest version), plugged in my Classic (I'm on Mac OS Ventura), followed the install instructions but got stuck after it asks you to hold the two buttons for 12 seconds. After I did this - and correctly released them at the right point - the utility failed the install. I was then stuck on a page on the iPod (I can't remember exactly what) so followed the instructions to restore.

To restore, I plugged into my Windows laptop, opened my iTunes ver 7.0.2 and clicked the option to restore the iPod. Initially it seemed to be complying with the restore process. But once my laptop said the restoration was "complete" and the iPod said "safe to eject", a second later it reverted back to saying that my iPod needed to be restored. It's now stuck on an infinite loop of this.

When ejecting the iPod, or when not engaged with this Restore process, it displays:

"Rockbox boot loader
Version: 1.0
Battery status ok: 3700 mV
No partition found

Entering USB mode...
Bootloader USB mode"

Screenshots of Disk Utility:

Screenshots of Rockbox Utility - main menu greyed out.

Wondering where I go from here?


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