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Safe to format entire Sandisk player ? RB needs original OS ?

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 "I would be careful about letting windows format a sansa "

Too late !!  got RB installed on the Zipclip with the Utility and got .bin bootloader off your site.
Installation went Ok  but in Windows I dont see any Music folder nor on the player.
I dropped a single .mp3 file into the player ? root ? just as a trial,
but its not showing up anywhere in the player. Nothing in Files.
Thanks !

Can you boot into Rockbox?

Yes I can boot into RB Ok. Looks good, theme installed etc.
Just not showing any Audio/Podcast/Music folders. FM works.
Please explain how to format other than using Windows Explorer so
maybe I could do that and try again with dual boot install with Sansa OS first
and then RB .

Note- I have posted this in the wrong section. It should probably be in
Utility or Installation.

Note 2 - these Sansa player are having a small, well deserved revival.
They are wonderful little pieces of machinery. Well, some. Some like
Clip Jam are junk they produced in the dying days of mp3 players.

If all of that works, the player should be fine.

Did you define a starting directory for browsing before (thus your 'browsing scope' might be restricted)?
Try to reset RB, by renaming or moving the .rockbox/config.cfg file and shut down and start again.

Did you define a starting directory for browsing before ? 

No, got no idea how to do that.

 renaming or moving the .rockbox/config.cfg file

What could I safely rename it to ?
Move it where ?

Thanks John


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