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Safe to format entire Sandisk player ? RB needs original OS ?

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Just rename it to config.cfg.bak.

Your screenshot shows an mp3 file.
Did you copy your music file to the .rockbox directory? This you won't see in the file browser.
Move it one level up!

See attached, which is the view when ZipClip is USB connected to PC.
When .rockbox is opened the previous screenshot shows everything seen in there.
There is no folder that I could imagine would be correct to put the mp3 files.
Where is the Music folder !
I'm going to leave it for a while and format it again when I have time.

Maybe somethings wrong with this unit ? I just put RB on a Sansa E250 and its fine.


No need to format again. All is fine.
Either put your test file into the root of that drive or create a Music folder and put it there.

   "or create a Music folder and put it there."
This seems to have worked ! - the test mp3 file plays but is not showing in the
'database' ,  I'll load some more music and work on it later in the week.
Many thanks for your patience.


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