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Safe to format entire Sandisk player ? RB needs original OS ?

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I have been living with a bad installation of RB on a Sansa ClipZip and
now it wont boot into the original firmware after playing around with it.
Can I just format the entire drive that shows in windows?
Not asking for a guarantee :-)) just an opinion.
ie. do these players need to have the original software on them with RB ?
or can RB be installed after formatting and no Sandisk OS ? No dual boot.

The RB bootloader either launches RB from the .rockbox directory or the original firmware (which is not visible in Windows).
So, yes, you can format the visible drive in case the file system got corrupted.

After that you should install RB again (just the firmware, not the bootloader).
If you hold the left button during boot, it would start the OF.

I would be careful about letting windows format a sansa you would be better off putting the proper disk image on it
or letting it format itself within the OF (Original Firmware)

all the sansas dual boot well and multiboot (boot from sd) for most of them

I was referring to the clip ziip that isislandchris mentioned. I wouldn't do it for any of the sansa e2xx.
He also mentioned he cannot get into the OF, so no formatting there.

The main issue is that the sansas (clip+, zip) at least have a flash chip and use a hidden portion of the space as essentially
emulated FAT32 brought up by the OF

We(rockbox) hide this portion too so its probably safe to format it in rockbox but there is the risk of
messing up that hidden partition when the flash is getting flaky and the OF starts getting corrupted
format it and oops wiped out the hidden part holding the bootloader


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