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I'm brand new to the forum, to Rockbox and the Surfans F20. I have read the wiki about installing Rockbox on the player, but thus far have got precisely nowhere. The Wiki suggests using the Rockbox Utility to install Rockpbox on the player. However I am unable to get the software to recognise the player no matter what. I then tried to install manually using the steps on the Wiki. See below.

    Build or download the bootloader (I have completed this step)
    Obtain a stock firmware image (see below)
    Patch the firmware image with the bootloader
    Rename the patched firmware file to update.upt and place it into the root directory of the SD card
    Grab the latest daily build for the player and unzip it into the root directory of the SD card (I have downloaded the latest daily build)
    Go into the settings menu and select firmware update.
    Upon reboot, select rockbox from the initial menu

The first problem I have encountered is that I cannot find a stock firmware image anywhere. Can anyone help with this? Apologies if this all seems a bit low level, but at present I am really stuck.

The first problem I encutered

The wiki is admittedly worded a little confusingly, but there's not actually any need to patch the firmware image yourself - the second table links pre-patched update files. Just grab the one that matches the version that's already on your player.

Hope that helps!


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