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iPod Nano 3rd, 4th and 5th gen


My idea is that now that wInd3x exists, maybe we can implement it into Rockbox and get it to work with it. The only issue is that with 4th and 5th gen devices, you need Linux (according to the Github article) so idk if we can do it with 4th gen. I have a 4th gen that i can test with though. I also have Chrome OS, which has linux built in. If anybody else wants iPod Nanos over 2nd gen to have rockbox, lets work on it. I will be the tester, idk how to code.

It's been possible to run code on the nano4g for a long time now, and some work was done about ten years ago so it's definitely possible for someone to pick up that port (or one of the others). Until then though we don't need a thread. If someone starts working on it, they can start their own thread.


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