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Sansa e280v2 "Invalid voice" with daily build 2023-03-22


Hi Everyone,
after I installed the daily build from 2023-03-22 on my Sansa e280v2 as suggested by @amachronic in this thread everything is working nicely including bookmarks without any crash. Only I'm getting a visual and verbal error message on every startup: "Invalid voice". So I downloaded and installed the corresponding voice files for 'deutsch.voice', 'english.voice' and 'english-us.voice' in the '.rockbox/langs' directory on the players root. The voice files I had downloaded from the same row / data (2023-03-22) from the daily builds page:

The above described steps appear to be in line with the manual "2.2.4  Enabling Speech Support (optional)" .

Am I missing anything?

PS: Although this is not a big issue for me I kind of got used to the voice menus when using my player without the need to look at the screen. Especially at night. ;-)

The voice engine is a lot more selective than it used to be with voice files.

You would get that message if the voice file was not the proper one so first
I'd try grabbing the latest dev version and its corresponding voice files again
just to be 100% sure they were a matched set

If that doesn't fix it.. perhaps we have some other issue happening


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