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How to disable scroll wheel for Sansa Fuze

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I finally figured this out.  I had to disable HAVE_WHEEL_ACCELERATION in firmware/export/config/sansafuzev2.h.  Apparently, there's some "advanced" wheel acceleration code (somewhere? or everywhere?) that assumes that the wheel controls certain actions and has an effect on those actions, such that they don't work at all unless the wheel is mapped to those actions.

As a professional software engineer, I would say that it would have been better to apply the "advanced" wheel acceleration logic to the incoming wheel events before they get mapped to actions, that way key mappings could continue to be customized freely.  This is known as protected variation.  Separation of concerns and the principle of least surprise also come to mind.  But I digress, and perhaps this has been addressed since v3.15...

In any case, at least I'm unblocked now and can continue with key map customization.  Whatever I do end up mapping the wheel to (most likely volume) just won't have "advanced" acceleration.

My fork of Rockbox is officially launched:

Custom keymap for Fuze and custom FM region for the RDA5802 chip.


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