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Sansa e280v2 crash: *PANIC* audio_reset_buffer_noalloc

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--- Quote from: erde on April 04, 2023, 10:53:59 AM ---Thank you @amachronic .

First question: I did not find a way to select an older build in RockboxUtility-1.5.1 even if I downloaded it before, right?

That is why I started a manual installation, by first building a new Boot Loader and Rockbox image using 'mkamsboot'. Unfortunately I run into the following issue where mkamsboot returns '[ERR]  Packed data (457576 bytes) doesn't fit in the firmware (120860 bytes)'.

--- Code: ---$ ./mkamsboot e200v203.01.16e/e200pe.bin rockbox-20230322.sansa patched-e200v2-daily20230322e.bin
mkamsboot Version 1.5
This is free software; see the source for copying conditions.  There is NO

[INFO] Original firmware MD5 checksum match
[INFO] Model: Sansa e200 v2 - Firmware version: 3.01.16
[INFO] Firmware patching has begun !

[INFO] Original firmware size:      120860 bytes
[INFO] Packed OF size:               78821 bytes
[INFO] Bootloader size:             666756 bytes
[INFO] Packed bootloader size:      377899 bytes
[INFO] Dual-boot function size:        176 bytes
[INFO] UCL unpack function size:       168 bytes
[INFO] Original firmware version:      512 bytes
[INFO] Total size of new image:     457576 bytes
[ERR]  Packed data (457576 bytes) doesn't fit in the firmware (120860 bytes)

--- End code ---

Any suggestion how to proceed?

--- End quote ---

Note for anyone following this is not the right way to invoke makeamsboot to build a bootloader

Unless you are adept at unbricking your particular device I wouldn't recommend using your own compiled bootloader over our tested ones.

OP figured out the issue but to buid a bootloader for the e200v2 series see here:

The main firmware is what these daily builds replace not the bootloader.
We very rarely update bootloaders as they just run the main binary (.sansa file in the .rockbox folder)
after minimal setup anyway.


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