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Sansa e280v2 crash: *PANIC* audio_reset_buffer_noalloc

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Hi All,
I did a first time install of Rockbox 3.15 using RockboxUtil 1.5.1 on my Sandisk Sansa e280v2 yesterday.
Initially everything worked without issues. Then I did play with Themes a little and more importantly configured to use Bookmarks. ("Settings -> General Settings --> Bookmarking --> Bookmark on Stop"). I switched the setting "Bookmark on Stop" to "yes". It was "no" as default.
When testing the bookmarks by trying to "Resume Playback" after restart of the player it consistently crashes, with a white screen printing:

--- Code: ---*PANIC*
audio_reset_buffer_noalloc(): EOM (526108 > 517604)
pc:30047780 sp:300d2b80
     A: 0007e5e4
     A: 300d4fe0
bt end
--- End code ---

Since then the issue re-occurs even when I revert the bookmark setting back to "Bookmark on Stop" to "no". Also re-starting the player does not solve the issue.

Any suggestions ?
- Is this a known issue?
- Any chance to work around by re-installing or using different themes or no themes?

I would really like to use bookmarks as I want to listen to audiobooks using this player.

Thank you for any hint.

You should upgrade to a daily build, where the problem has most likely been fixed already. "Stable" 3.15 is years old and doesn't receive fixes.

At the moment, you should use an older daily build from March 23rd or earlier -- the ones after that have known regressions with playlists and bookmarking. (Those bugs are my fault and I still need to fix them...)

EDIT: To get to the old builds go to the daily builds page and choose "older builds" for your player.

Thank you @amachronic .

First question: I did not find a way to select an older build in RockboxUtility-1.5.1 even if I downloaded it before, right?

That is why I started a manual installation, by first building a new Boot Loader and Rockbox image using 'mkamsboot'. Unfortunately I run into the following issue where mkamsboot returns '[ERR]  Packed data (457576 bytes) doesn't fit in the firmware (120860 bytes)'.

--- Code: ---$ ./mkamsboot e200v203.01.16e/e200pe.bin rockbox-20230322.sansa patched-e200v2-daily20230322e.bin
mkamsboot Version 1.5
This is free software; see the source for copying conditions.  There is NO

[INFO] Original firmware MD5 checksum match
[INFO] Model: Sansa e200 v2 - Firmware version: 3.01.16
[INFO] Firmware patching has begun !

[INFO] Original firmware size:      120860 bytes
[INFO] Packed OF size:               78821 bytes
[INFO] Bootloader size:             666756 bytes
[INFO] Packed bootloader size:      377899 bytes
[INFO] Dual-boot function size:        176 bytes
[INFO] UCL unpack function size:       168 bytes
[INFO] Original firmware version:      512 bytes
[INFO] Total size of new image:     457576 bytes
[ERR]  Packed data (457576 bytes) doesn't fit in the firmware (120860 bytes)

--- End code ---

Any suggestion how to proceed?

You don't need to install the bootloader again or run mkamsboot. This only needs to be done once and the Rockbox utility already did this for you the first time you installed.

To update the Rockbox build just delete the .rockbox directory from your SD card / flash and unzip the daily build to it.

It's described in this part of the manual:

--- Quote ---Installing the firmware

* Download your chosen version of Rockbox from the links in the previous section.
* Connect your player to the computer via USB in MSC mode as described in the manual that came with your player.
* Take the .zip file that you downloaded and use the “Extract all” command of your unzip program to extract the files onto your player.Note: The entire contents of the .zip file should be extracted directly to the root of your player’s drive. Do not try to create a separate directory on your player for the Rockbox files! The .zip file already contains the internal structure that Rockbox needs.

If the contents of the .zip file are extracted correctly, you will have a directory called .rockbox, which contains all the files needed by Rockbox, in the main directory of your player’s drive.

--- End quote ---

You can ignore all the mkamsboot stuff past this point, it's only for installing the bootloader. Anyhow, the error from mkamsboot is because you used rockbox.sansa from the zip file. That's the Rockbox firmware image, not the Rockbox bootloader. (The manual has a link to download the RB bootloader, right above the link to download mkamsboot.)

OMG! --> RTFM!  :-/

Thank you very much for your help @amachronic , and even more for your patience. Please excuse my ignorance I could have RTFM, but only skimmed through the forum article describing the installation on Sansa e200 series.

Thanks to your help AND the manual, I successfully installed the Rockbox daily build 2023-03-22 on my Sandisk Sansa e200v2. I'm using it with a 256GM microSD, with many audio books and music on it. Bookmarks and playlists with bookmarks per playlist now work as expected without any crash during the last two hours. Also I did install a few themes and fonts and played around with different settings just to test if there was something else forcing the crash on my previous installation. No crash or other issues so far.

Great work and big thanks dear Rockbox engineering team!


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