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Looking for a way for .sbs file to retrieve volume name of device


Is there a way for my .sbs theme file to retrieve the name of the volume on which Rockbox is installed?  I'm not finding anything in the manual - all retrievable pathnames appear to be relative to the root directory of the volume.  I'm (still) trying to find a clean way to display my iPods' unique user-assigned names without having to hardcode the names into each device's .sbs file.  [Edit:] I figured out a kludgy way to cache and retrieve the iPods' names, using the names of each device's Playlist Catalog folder, but it's ugly and awkward, and in the end it just transfers the hardcoding from the .sbs file to the Playlist Catalog config setting.


There is gap in my opinion of a tag which exposes the directories of a current page/folder in the way that the %d(n) tag does for song filenames. If this was a thing, it would open up a lot of theming options, especially for album pages and such, but it would also make finding the name of the iPod like this possible.


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