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My iPod broke/ glitched it is showing this Error ( Solved apple support :] )


Hello! I installed Rockbox today, and I played a round of duke3D. sadly my iPod now displays an Error of some sorts:

usb_storage_init_connection() : OOM
pc: 0008a788 sp : 00100330
        A: 00088828
        A: 00088e84
        A: 00071aa8
bt end

can somebody help me with that? my PC won't recognize the iPod anymore. so i cant restore it

It also doesn't respond to anything, just like it is on Restore mode. its the iPod video 5th generation

Looks like the plugin crashed. Reboot the iPod and it'll be back to normal.

How do you reboot it?
I can't figure out the button combo. Nothing works and it wont register on the pc as a device through the usb.


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