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Settings > Startup/Shutdown > Start Screen > Open Plugin > apps is empty?


Sorry for the long title, but I wanted to be clear which screen was giving me issues.


iPod Video 5.5
Rockbox Version b6d04d1ac0-230310

When going into Settings > Startup/Shutdown > Start Screen > Open Plugin > apps , expected behavior is a list of apps. Instead, it is empty. Scrolling makes sounds, but that's it.

Intention: to have lastfm_scrobbler as Startup Screen. According to this post, it should work. [,54165.msg251471.html#msg251471]

It uses the same browser as Main Menu [Files]>./rockbox/rocks/apps/

can you navigate to that?
(you might have to long press select [File View} > Show Files [All])
^ can you navigate to that and see a bunch of .rock (s) in there?
if so does the setting now show them too?

Your reply helped me find the solution! I use Files to browse my music, and because of that I had "File View" set to "Music". I didn't realize that by doing that it would affect that setting, but it makes sense in hindsight. By setting the "Start Screen" and then turning "File View" back to "Music", it is persistent, so I can keep my old view but still have the Start Screen.

Thank you!

I didn't either but I shall fix it
Thanks for the report!

Fixed as of today


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