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Is it possible to import text into a .sbs file?

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I have several iPods (don't ask...), and each has a unique name.  I would like to add a feature to my personal Rockbox theme that would display the iPod's unique name somewhere on the Main Menu screen.  But I don't want each iPod to have to have a unique customized .sbs file with the iPod's name hard-coded in it.  So I'm wondering if it's possible to import a piece of text into the .sbs file - maybe via some kind of "include file" type of mechanism - so that I can then just have a small unique text file on each iPod that contains only the iPod's name.  Is this possible, or does anyone have a suggestion for a different/better way to accomplish this?


Don't know about a text file, but as a theme can load bitmaps, I suppose you could just hard-code the name as a bit map image (with the same name for the bitmap file on all of them) and have the SBS load that.

Thanks very much for your reply and suggestion.

I actually considered that solution, but creating all of those bitmap files would be much more labor intensive than an equal number of text files.

How many iPods have you got!  (I have about 30 at this point, and that's how I'd do it if I wanted to do that...wouldn't be that hard to make a text file then take a screenshot of it and save and crop the bitmap, surely?  Don't think it would help for me as I tend to constantly switch themes anyway, though what I've occasionally thought would be handy is to have a different loading/RB splash screen for each of them...but the splash screen bitmap is hard-coded into RB, with good reason I guess)

I don't know then, maybe someone else will know of a way to display text.

Edit the English translation file to contain the iPod's name as a string, and then use:

--- Code: ---%Sx(iPodName)
--- End code ---
To display the "translation".



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