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iPod 6G: .playlist_control file missing


I've recently tried building my own Rockbox.  I've made no changes to the code yet, I'm building directly from the source.  I am getting "error accessing playlist control file" messages whenever I disconnect the USB cable from the device.

I see that there is no .playlist_control file in my build.  I've also just checked today's build (20230308) and there is no .playlist_control file in there either.

Please can someone confirm why this file is no longer included in the build, as it's clearly still required by Rockbox?  Unless it is never in the build, and gets created by Rockbox during use?  If that's the case, any ideas on why it is not being created?

I have seen this message in the past.

The file gets created during use and is not included in the rockbox builds.

I can suggest that you make sure that you are safely ejecting the iPod when disconnecting it from USB. Or if you are particularly annoyed by this issue, you may avoid it by using rockbox's bootloader USB mode (Hold SELECT and RIGHT when powering up) to transfer files.

I don't recall ever previously seeing or knowing anything about bootloader USB mode, and I'm not finding any documentation re its intended purpose and usage recommendations/guidelines/warnings/etc.  If there is documentation that I have missed could someone please share a link to it?  Thanks very much.

Bootloader USB mode allows you to mount your iPod as a mass storage device from the bootloader, usually so you can repair a broken Rockbox install. You can use it to transfer files, too.

Not sure if it's documented anywhere, but it's very straightforward to use: just enter it as rockbox_dev123 describes and connect your iPod to a computer via USB.

Yes, thanks.  I tried and successfully entered bootloader USB mode by booting with the center and right buttons depressed and saw that my iPod mounted on my macOS desktop.  When I unmounted and unplugged my iPod it finished booting into the Rockbox firmware.  All very good.

I have always booted into the Apple firmware when doing large file transfers and installations as it has been my understanding that its USB mode is more robust and faster than doing that stuff while booted into Rockbox. I have done smaller quantity file transfers while booted into Rockbox without any problems.  But the Apple firmware takes so long to boot and also to exit USB mode, whereas Rockbox boots so much more quickly and also exits USB mode more quickly.  Is bootloader USB mode faster and more robust than regular Rockbox USB mode?


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