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--- Quote from: cereal_killer on March 07, 2023, 03:34:28 PM ---What I am trying to do is creating the database and the pictureflow slides of my ~100k library with the UISim, having the same folder structure on my player and the simdisk and then transfer the corresponding files to the player. Currently I have a Folder.jpg in every folder/subfolder and I'd prefer to not rename. Nautilus refuses somehow to rename all files and I have to do it in tranches.

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I used to do that, with the database.  Can't remember if I ever figured out how to do it with the pictureflow stuff (I know I attempted it, but not sure if I ever got it to work).  Problem I ran into was the downloadable UISim was usually several versions behind the latest dev version that I was running on the ipod, and changes to the database structure kept making the two incompatible.  And I constantly ran into problems compiling my own up-to-date UISim to the point I gave up bothering.

  Plus more recent dev versions seem to be able to build the database on the player (even flash modded ones) far more reliably than used to be the case, so I can do that part on the player now.  Pictureflow is a bit more of a hassle to get set-up, but occasionally I manage to do so - just can't be bothered doing it anew after every resync.

(Would be cool if Rockbox had an iTunes-like full-feature utility that could do a lot of this grunt-work on the PC, along with keeping track of playcounts - though I suppose that's basically how you're using the UISim)


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