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So..... Headphone inline controls?


Is there a reason that Headphone Inline Controls aren't in rockbox and were never considered a priority? Is there anything that could be done by an amateur programmer who would work super hard to get it working haha It's really close to being a deal breaker for me since I work with clay and don't to get my clickwheel dirty haha. Thanks in advance!

You may want to consider buying an Apple iPod FM Radio Tuner Remote A1187. The radio doesn't work with rockbox, but you can use it to control playback with any headphones. I used to use it for running, before switching to my phone (so I could also track routes with GPS).

You could also use an Apple dock. The second generation dock works perfectly with an iPod Classic and Rockbox. I use it when I'm doing dishes and have wet hands. I plug my headphones into the dock audio output and control tracks, volume, etc with the remote control. Unlike some other makes of dock, the Apple ones do not require external power to work.


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