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Your installer is a serious piece of sh--


Getting it installed was _way_ more effort than your manual suggests.  There was a bunch of troubleshooting that came up that has zero help here.

Now I just want it gone, and similarly your uninstall instructions are absolutely no help.  "You can uninstall Rockbox automatically by using Rockbox Utility. If you installed Rockbox manually you can still use Rockbox Utility for uninstallation but will not be able to do this selectively. "

That doesn't even begin to account for getting this off here.  Your fucking utility will not let me select the drive where I know the bootloader is at.  So how the fuck am I supposed to get this gone when it won't let me choose?

You seem to be under some impression that this thing works, and I'm here to tell you it does not.  Not for installing, not for uninstalling, the entire process was bullshit.  I am regretting so badly that I ever attempted installing Rockbox because it has made a huge mess of things.

Welcome to the forums where like minded users and developers can help each other out with this freeware.  Do you want help with your issue or do you just want to vent and slag off all the people who put their time and effort into working on this for no fiscal reward?

I've always disliked that paragraph because I think it was written early in rockbox development before manufacturers started trying to lock down their firmware. Now we have all these weird devices that require elaborate hacks to put into DFU or programming mode or whatever before the installer can do anything.

That said, if you can't figure out how to replace the manufacturer firmware, complain to them that they made it too hard. I'm sure they'll help you :D


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