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DFU mode fails every time on Ipod Classic using MacOs


Every time i try installing rockbox on my ipod i get to the point where you have to put the ipod in DFU mode and every single time i try it fails and tells me to try again. I searched up how to get through that portion and i am doing it right holding menu + select until im prompted to let go but it still does not work

Any help?


This is exactly what happens to me!!

When I last compiled mks5lboot on macOS I was unable to flash the bootloader in DFU mode. I gave up and used a Linux physical host. Maybe you can get by using a virtual machine with Parallels and redirecting the USB device to the VM?

I found this easier using Windows and so set up a Bootcamp partition with Windows 10. The free version of Windows works well enough. This is probably not possible if you don't have an Intel Mac.


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