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Using LrcPlayer and Last.fmScrobbler on Daily Build


Hey! On the newest daily build, the Scrobbler is a plugin which I have open upon booting up rockbox but I often use lrcplayer for lyrics and have to quit Scrobbler to do so, is there anyway for me to run both of these? Or take the nonplugin scrobbler from the release build into the daily build? I love all the improvements in the daily build so switching to the release build is a last resort. Thanks in advance.

I would like to come up with a way to run multiple plugins but its not on the table ATM

till multiple plugins are a thing one potential workaround might be to add the scrobbling to lrcplayer

but I will be adding a way to resume the scrobbler automatically after another plugin kills it
not sure if that fits in with your usecase though..

Is there anything I can do currently? Would switching to the release build fix my problem? Thanks for responding.

You could always go back to 3.15 but you'll be missing a lot of bug fixes and new features
Depending on what device you are using that might work for you till i get to making TSR plugins autoresume

Another option is to place scrobbler as a hotkey so you could easily resume it


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