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for destroying my working ipod classic 160GB

I trusted the "stable" and "ipod classic 160BG" announcement on your site and now my ipod is not working anymore

cannot format it, cannot made it run again. I spent my whole week end trying to restore it.

Since the installation process went wrong ( why ? I don't know ) the ipod is bricked.

I tried to format / restore on windows, MacOS, Linux. No way.

It should be an easy process... and finally not. I'm still looking for a solution.

Your tone is not very polite.

The developers of rockbox provide their time free of charge to the world and with no expectation of warranty or support.

As the entire project is open source, if you think you can do a better job, then why don't you contribute some code to fix the issue that you have encountered?

With that said, as I understand it, it is very hard to truly brick an iPod.

If all you did was mess up the ".rockbox" folder in the root of the iPod, then do the following:

Power on the iPod by holding down SELECT + RIGHT. This will boot into the rockbox bootloader's disk mode where you can download the latest nightly (at the time of this message) from here:

Connect your iPod to your computer and extract this to your iPod's disk (making sure to overwrite existing files). If you're using Linux, use
--- Code: ---unzip -o -d /mnt/path/to/IPOD/
--- End code ---

If the above doesn't work, restore the original bootloader via DFU mode and then restore the iPOD in iTunes.

If you lost your music collection, then it is entirely your fault for not having backups.

I understand it's downright impossible to 'brick', via software, an ipod that doesn't have a pre-existing hardware fault.  I think occasionally, though, trying to install rockbox can reveal an existing problem like a failing hard drive.


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