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Kokkia Support?


Hey! I know this is kinda over done and stuff but was wondering if there was any possible way to get support for the Kokkia 30 Pin Blueooth adapters? I know that its possible to get audio from the 30 pin since I have an iPod Hifi, not really familiar with the interworkings of rockbox lol. thanks in advance!

If they're analog they should already work.  If they are digital then that isn't likely to ever happen unless someone leaks apple's cryptographic keys.  Digital ipod accessories authenticate whatever they're hooked up to in order to make sure it is running the unmodified Apple firmware.

It uses dedicated Apple Accessory Protocol and Rockbox doesn't have any implementation of that.
But if someone want to try I can sent documentation because is still available.

The standard accessory protocol is already supported.

Woah, didn't know about that, sorry for that.

That means Kokkia adapters are using AAP2 or have different init instructions.


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