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Re: Data abort on Sansa Zip with latest daily build

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Thank you, I'll pull the changes and compile a new build right now.

I'm still getting crashes, albeit it seems they're not as frequent as before - had three in a hour and half. Could you please provide me with your build+mapfile? Thanks.

If it may be of any help, I've noticed the crashes do happen more often while cycling through relatively few files (10-15) inside the same directory, instead of larger (100+ files) ones. The earliest build I can confirm has the bug is this one:

2023-01-15 buflib: Add CONFIG_BUFLIB_BACKEND for selecting a buflib backend

Edit: I should have replied in the Clip+ thread, my bad.

Data abort is no longer reproducible for me with provided steps. But bookmark load never works if some other file is playing  - it just plays file from the beginning. Second attempt to load bookmark succeeds. At least this behavior is 100% reproducible to me.


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