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Removing the corner rounding from iPod reFresh themes

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Hi everyone,

I have stumbled upon what i think is the best theme for the ipod classic, iPod reFresh (one,two,three,four). Huge thanks to the creator, this theme is beautiful without being cluttered.

I have one massive gripe with it though and that is the corner rounding it does. For me personally i prefer to have the whole display used rather than artificial rounding.

Also the rounding on the cover art pops in and out of being square when songs are opened and tracks are changed.

My question is...... is there a way to disable this effect?

Alternatively how hard is it to edit the theme myself to remove this?

And if all of the above fails, how can i get hold of the theme creator? does he go by a differant username on this forum? (Ciprian Dragu)

Many thanks.

I already did this  ;)

Attached are the WPS files to remove the rounded corners of the album art for themes one and four.

If you compare/diff the original wps files and my changes it should be obvious how to do it for the other themes.

I've attached some more edits I made to this theme and I've included screenshots of the how the changes look.

I recently added ReplayGain to my iPod library and needed a way to see if the tags were being read correctly.

If you're looking to do this for other themes, the most common method is using 4 small images to mask the corners. If you go into the wps, you should be able to find these by looking for their filenames from the theme's asset folder. Remove the %xd functions for these images, and the effect should be removed :)


--- Quote from: HACKRCHILD on February 14, 2023, 10:01:05 AM ---...the rounding on the cover art pops in and out of being square when songs are opened and tracks are changed.

--- End quote ---

Dook, are you able to explain how you've managed to avoid this issue with your adwaitapod themes? Its extremely rare to see the loading of the corner masking images after the artwork is displayed on your themes.

I had a read of your blog on this subject, but it hasn't helped me in my tests with this issue.

I've tried to preload a conditional viewpoint for the reFresh themes like this:

--- Code: ---#-- Album art (with round corners)

--- End code ---

This also follows the logic of the Wiki defined here:

Under Conditional Viewports.

Images w,x,y,z are defined as:

--- Code: ---%xl(w,cornerTL.bmp,0,0)

--- End code ---

These are the equivalent definitions of the following from adwaitapod:

--- Code: ---%xl(TLoverlay,WpsTL.bmp)

--- End code ---

and it seems you call them like so:

--- Code: ---%?C<%xd(TLoverlay)%xd(TRoverlay)%xd(BLoverlay)%xd(BRoverlay)
--- End code ---

Whats the secret?  :)


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