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CF to mirco SD adapters for large capacity cards


Dear all,

I want to sum up some findings on CF Modded Players that are used with relatively cheap CF to mirco SD adapters (5 to 10 €).

At the moment micro SD cards become very cheap and there are 256GB cards below 20 € available in Europe. 400GB and 512GB micro SD cards are also comparably cheap nowadays.

But there seems to be a capacity limit at 128GB when using those micro SD cards with the CF to SD adapters (see attached pictures) many (including me) used to do a CF Mod ( with SD cards. The adapter itself shows as FC-1307 SD to CF Ada USB Device under the Windows Device Manager.

This limit to 128GB is due to the way data is adressed on electronic storages when using LBA28 ( Some more information that might be useful to judge if a CF Adapter handles LBA48 (CF Version 5.0 and higher) is summarized here

So far some webshops indicate this limit of 128GB per SD card, but most shops including amazon, aliexpress, ebay do not give precise or trustworthy information which LBA version they support. Some offers (I attached some images) on these marketplaces have questionable product information whether they support up to 128GB (LBA28) or up to 2TB (FAT32 limit) per sd card.

I found some adapters that claim to support large SD cards, but they do cost between 20 and 30 €.

If you guys out there have experience with those adapters that you can share here, I was very happy...

So what is the adapter device name of a "good" adapter that supports SD cards larger than 128GB?

And where to find those adapters on the net?

And do you have examples which keywords indicated "good" adapters with LBA48 support?

Any recommendations for exact products?

The only adapter I found that explicitly states LBA48 compatiblity for capacities beyond 128GB ist this one:


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