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Data abort on Sansa Clip+ with latest daily build

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yep I couldn't reproduce after this so do test!

Something is not right with latest playlist changes. With Resume Playback in particular.
Bookmark on Stop option no longer works for me after clicking Resume Playback from main menu. Also after Resume Playback playlist is considered as dynamic as it asks "Erase dynamic playlist?" on attempt to play another file (I suspect that's the main reason why Bookmarking is not working)

I've used the new builds extensively, and the data abort issue was completely resolved for me. I've noticed however that playing a file from a larger directory (500+ songs) for the first time now takes several seconds of "Loading..", instead of being instantanous like before the recent playlist changes, and navigating said directories feels quite sluggish. Is this behaviour related to switching the playlist from RAM to a plain file?

For comparison, the old "[BugFix] playlist.c DIRCACHE stop scanning when changing indices" build from 2023-01-12, which doesn't have the data abort bug, can play files from large directories and navigate their content without any speed issue.


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