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Data abort on Sansa Clip+ with latest daily build

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Carlo could you try this build?

Sure, I'm compiling it right now, will give you some feedback ASAP. Thanks.

Zero crashes in more than three hours of usage, and it seems the bug isn't reproducible at all anymore.

I still don't know why this works I guess it might become apparent at some point given some more investigation

if you still haven't seen any crashes after a few days can you let me know and I'll push the patch

so far I've spent a bunch of time on this and clearing the allocated memory is the only thing that works
besides not freeing the buffer which isn't so great after several directories with lots of songs

I'm guessing something is asking for a string way out in the weeds but I've yet to find it...

I can confirm build 5154 solved the issue, even if I'm aware that the real cause of the crashes still hasn't been identified. No crashes after almost ten hours of usage and countless attempts at reproducing the bug on different players.


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