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Data abort on Sansa Clip+ with latest daily build

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Is it definitely the scrolling or could it be the %Sx() translation function?
That used to cause themes to fall over if there was no translation for the given string.
Though it only made the theme fallback to default, not a crash, so perhaps this is something else?#
Does the phrase "End of Song List" definitely have a translated string available?

I wonder if changing the line to

#%s%al%?It<Next %It|%?Fn<Next %Fn|End of Song List>> that it doesn't look for translations, would work?

I can confirm that after commenting out the last line of \wps\informativebeauty.wps and reloading the theme the crash isn't reproducible anymore.

Edit: spoke too soon, as Bilgus said I'm getting freezes now instead of data aborts.


I had pushed a patch that made %Sx() fail gracefully a while back
the lang strings do exist

it won't outright dataabort without %Sx() but it will still hang
so might not be the scroll engine but IDK yet

IM still working on this...

So far i have it narrowed down to pulling data for the next_track
Its either a bad offset or a buffer overrun or something

Memsetting the whole chunk to 0 stops the crash so something's up
I just DONT know if the playlist chunking is the cause or just bringing exposing an existing bug

No worries, take all the time you need. Thank you for your efforts.

Would it make sense to temporarily push playlist.c/.h from 5147 to master until you manage to pinpoint the exact issue? I've been running that build without any issue since you provided it.


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