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Data abort on Sansa Clip+ with latest daily build

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1) I'm using the Informative Beauty theme, as I've done for years on all my Clip+ players without any issue.

2) The crashes are random, I could cycle 5-6 times through the files in the same directory before getting one.

3) No special characters. Again, last time I added new files on this device was a few months ago, and it's my daily driver - so I noticed the crashes immediately after updating, as until that moment it was working perfectly.

I can confirm beyond any reasonable doubt that the 20221230 build is NOT affected by the issue, while 20230113 is affected.

Thank you for your help!

Try to repro the issue using the default theme cabbie the closer you can get me to the issue the less time it'll take to fix it if i can reproduce it it'll be even faster otherwise we will have to bisect through 10-100 builds one at a time

Could the bug be related to the "[BUGFix] ClipPlus move picker below yellow screen split" from 20230113? It wouldn't be that much of a hassle for me to bisect the two weeks between 20221230 and 20230113 until I can pinpoint a bug free build.

I've prepared a Debian vm with the proper compiler toolchain last night, and it doesn't take that long to checkout a specific commit, build and test.

not unless you are using the keyboard in that run..

git bisect is your next course of action if you can compile builds or I can for you given about 30 mins to an hour
see us on IRC in that case

I'm able and willing to compile builds, will start right now with 20230106 and see how it goes.


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