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iPod Classic 6th Gen only recognising 128gb: Please Help.

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Hi All,

I had an 6th Gen 80gb iPod that I had upgraded to 256gb that worked with Rockbox.  I lost this, or rather the removal company did during the move from the UK to Australia.  I bought a second hand one the other week, as well as an iFlash Quad and a Sandisk 512gb SD card.

I successfully upgraded the iPod over the weekend.  The only problem is the iPod will only recognise 128gb of the 512gb.

I have taken the card out again, used Windows Disk Manager to remove the partitions so that I get it back to 512gb only for the iPod to then put it back to 128gb.

Can someone please confirm that the way to do this is as follows:

1) Restore iPod via iTunes and install Rockbox on it. 
2) Copy only the Rockbox folder from the iPod / SD Card onto my PC.
3) Use Windows Disk Manager to restore the SD card back to 512gb.
4) Put the copied Rockbox folder back on the card from my PC.
5) Copy my entire Music folder onto the card.
6) Put the card back into the iPod.

Many thanks and all the best.

Are you booting the Apple firmware?  I believe it will try to repartition to the storage back to something it understands if you do that.  If you're going to use storage that isn't compatible with it you might want to install rockbox without dual boot just to make sure you don't accidentally reboot into it and lose your storage.

I've installed the Rockbox Bootloader, but if I switch over the Hold button it will then try and boot into Apple.  This is where I get the message asking me to connect it to iTunes to restore it.

My plan is to never do this, and have it boot into Rockbox.

Is there not a way to entirely disable dual-boot?  I dimly remember that being mentioned at some point.  I suppose it would need a modified boot-loader?  Maybe it was a custom-patch someone produced?

Seems it came up in this (ancient) thread

I believe you can just not enable dual boot when installing the bootloader with mks5lboot. 


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